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New power supplies from Powertronic

We recommend new power supplies from Powertronic, which we offer:


  Symbol of Micros Power Voltage Current Dimensions Weight
Modular switching power supplies

ZA MS-15-12

15W 12V 1,3A 85x58x37mm 0,18kg

ZA MS-25-12

25W 12V 2A 85x58x37mm 0,18kg

ZA MS-35-12

35W 12V 3A 85x58x37mm 0,18kg

ZA MS-50-12

50W 12V 4,2A 110x78x36mm 0,27kg

ZA MS-60-12 

60W 12V 5A 110x78x36mm 0,27kg

ZA MS100-12

102W 12V 8,5A 159x97x38mm 0,60kg

ZA MS150-12

150W 12V 12,5A 199x98x38mm 0,69kg

ZA MS200-12

200W 12V 16,5A 200x110x50mm 0,84kg

ZA MS250-12

250W 12V 20A 200x110x50mm 0,84kg

ZA MS350-12

350W 12V 29,17A 200x110x50mm 0,84kg
Ultrathin modular switching power supplies

ZA LS-60-12

60W 12V 5A 140x47x30mm 0,18kg

ZA LS100-12

100W 12V 8,33A 180x47x30mm 0,31kg

ZA LS120-12

120W 12V 10A 180x47x30mm 0,31kg

ZA LS150-12

150W 12V 12,5A 210x47x30mm 0,36kg

ZA LS200-12

200W 12V 16A 240x47x30mm 0,40kg
Miniature modular switching power supplies

ZA LRS-15-12

15W 12V 1,25A 86x58x30mm 0,18kg

ZA LRS-25-12

25W 12V 2,08A 86x58x30mm 0,18kg

ZA LRS-35-12

35W 12V 3A 99x82x30mm 0,18kg

ZA LRS-50-12

50,4W 12V 4,2A 99x82x30mm 0,18kg

ZA LRS-75-12

76W 12V 6,3A 99x97x30mm 0,26kg

ZA LRS100-12

100W 12V 8,33A 129x97x30mm 0,30kg

ZA LRS150-12

150W 12V 150W 159x97x30mm 0,38kg

ZA LRS200-12

200W 12V 16,7A 215x115x30mm 0,60kg

ZA LRS350-12

350W 12V 29A 215x115x30mm 0,72kg
Ultrathin modular switching power supplies

ZA HRU-60-12

60W 12V 5A 226x53x19mm 0,25kg

ZA HRU100-12

100W 12V 8,3A 226x53x19mm 0,25kg

ZA HRU150-12

150W 12V 12,5A 226x53x19mm 0,25kg

ZA HRU200-12

200W 12V 16A 308x53x22mm 0,38kg

ZA HRU300-12

300W 12V 25A 308x53x22mm 0,40kg
Switching power supplies with UPS

ZA SC-35-12

34,5W 12V 2A 129x98x38mm 0,52kg

ZA SC-60-12

59,9W 12V 4A 129x98x38mm 0,52kg

ZA SC120-12

117,1W 12V 8A 159x97x38mm 0,56kg