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LED diodes 10mm round, 3 in 1 and 5mm bi-color with Resistor

This diodes are 3 in 1 LED, waterclear type and are used in small ......

2017-08-18read more
Interface circuit UART from NXP

We recommend SC16IS762IPW - interface circuit UART from NXP...

2017-08-16read more
Digital circuit CMOS HCT from Texas Instruments

We recommend 74HCT04 - Digital circuit CMOS HCT from Texas Instruments ......

2017-08-09read more
Car inverters 12/230

Car inverters allow to supply during a driving the following devices ......

2017-08-07read more
Building automation

We recommend wireless automation controllers, menaged wall switches ......

2017-08-04read more
Bipolar transistor - BC856BS - from NXP.

We recommend the new bipolar transistor - BC856BS - from NXP...

2017-08-03read more
Industrial Connectors from DEGSON - NEWS

Industrial Connectors from DEGSON are ideal for harsh outdoor conditions......

2017-08-01read more
Bluetooth module from Qualcomm

We recommend - CSR1012A05-IQQP-R - Bluetooth module from Qualcomm ......

2017-07-31read more