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Operational amplifier - LM358D – from ON Semiconductor

We recommend operational amplifier - LM358D – from ON Semiconductor...

2019-02-18read more
Switching Power Supplies for LED from Mean Well

We recommend single output Switching Power Supplies for LED, for various voltages ......

2019-02-15read more
AVR-ISP-MK2 from Olimex

AVR-ISP-MK2 supports Atmega AVR Families. It is dedicated to Atmel ......

2019-02-11read more
New LED indicators

We recommend new LED indicators, which we offer...

2019-02-07read more
NOR line driver from Texas Instruments - SN74128N

We recommend NOR line driver from Texas Instruments - SN74128N ......

2019-01-30read more
MOC3022-M – optocoupler from Fairchild

We present MOC3022-M – optocoupler with 6 pins, 5.3kV from Fairchild ......

2019-01-29read more
Converter - QDC2WSIL5/15-15 from QLT Power

We recommend converter - QDC2WSIL5/15-15 from QLT Power...

2019-01-28read more
MAX3486ESA+ - transceiver from Maxim Integrated

We recommend MAX3486ESA+ - transceiver from Maxim Integrated...

2019-01-25read more