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Bimetallic thermostats with manual reset

MICROS offer bimetallic thermostats, normally closed with manual reset. Current range from 15A ......

2017-05-23read more
Transceiver FM RFM98PW-169s2 from HopeRF - NEW

We recommend RFM98PW-169s2 transceiver from HopeRF, with modulation types:FSK, GFSK ......

2017-05-22read more
Let's meet at the TEC 2017 Conference in Warsaw, stand 118 on 25th May 2017.

We are glad to invite you to visit our stand at the TEC 2017 Conference in Warsaw, stand 118 ......

2017-05-19read more
0805 and 5050 flashing diodes from OptoSupply

We recommend flashing diodes 0805. They are used in car applications ......

2017-05-19read more
StarChips LED drivers

StarChips LED drivers has excellent current regulation capability......

2017-05-18read more
Unipolar transistors from TAIWAN SEMICONDUCTOR

We recommend TSM2301CX i TSM2302CX - unipolar transistors from ......

2017-05-17read more
Single turn potentiometers from Vishay

Micros offers single turn potentiometers from Vishay. Resistance .....

2017-05-16read more
Batteryless wireless wall switches

We recommend batteryless wireless wall switches with receiver ......

2017-05-12read more