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Single turns shaft potentiometers from Piher brand

New items have been added to Micros's offer, they are single turns shaft potentiometers ......

2017-02-23read more
New WiFi and WiFi Bluetooth modules from ESPRESSIF

ESP-WROOM-02 and ESP-WROOM-32 are a cheap and functional WiFi modules......

2017-02-21read more
ISO family of galvanic isolation circuits from Texas Instruments

A galvanic isolation is a technique that separates at least two circuits ......

2017-02-17read more
Sensors by Freescale - NEW

Freescale offers a wide variety of pressure differential/gauge sensors. These MEMS ......

2017-02-15read more
LED controls from Polam-Elta Sp. z o. o.

We recommend news: LED controls from polish producer ......

2017-02-14read more
Mounting potentiometers from ACP

Micros offers mounting potentiometers from the Spanish company ACP made ......

2017-02-03read more
Ultrasonic sensors of FBELE

The FBELE ultrasonic sensors are offered as separate units ......

2017-01-27read more
SIM card connector from CONNFLY

We recomend, New SIM connector of Connfly. Company’s strength ......

2017-01-24read more