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LCD COG graphic displays

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O LGC12864-3cb

availability: 1 pieces.

O LGC12864-3cb
COG graphic display 128x64 dots, size 77.4x51x2.8mm, viewing area 70.7x38.8mm,5V
FSTN, backlight color black, white characters

O LGC12864-11bc

availability: 10 pieces.

O LGC12864-11bc
COG graphic display 128x64 dots,size 40.5x34.0x4.5mm,viewing area 33.8x22.2mm,3V
FSTN, white backlight, black characters, temperature range -20°C up to +70°C

O LGC240128D-BIW

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O LGC240128D-BIW
COG graphic display 240x128dots, size:101.3x76.3mm, viewing area:86.37x51.17mm
FSTN, blue backlight, white characters, temperature range -30°C up to +85°C