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Filament LED; warm white (2800 - 3200K); luminosity: 115 lm;
viewnig angle 360°; IF=10mA; VF=70V; operating temperature -40 ~ +85 °C


Position available on request

Filament LED; warm white (3000K); luminosity: 110 lm;
viewnig angle 360°; IF=10mA; VF=75-80V; operating temperature -30 ~ +85 °C

Total novelty, and also one of the most popular LED products. 

FILAMENT LED combines the advantages of traditional bulbs and manufactured in LED technology. Modern LED fiber pattern formed on the glow, provide high performance, pleasant to the eye color and high color rendering index while maintaining a high energy-saving

Led fialemnt they look like classic light bulb. This is important when using decorative lamps. Thanks to the excellent quality LED light FILAMENT brings a whole new visual experience, unlike traditional LEDs. As a result of the copper substrate in the rack, the fiber has better heat dissipation and higher performance and reliability.


  • warm, pleasant light,
  • modern design,
  • 360 degrees of light,
  • very good heat dissipation,
  • high performance,
  • energy efficiency,
  • ​modernity.