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Fan guards

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W O40x40

availability: 2400 pieces.

FG-40 metal finger guard 40x40mm

W O50x50

availability: 2700 pieces.

FG-50 metal finger guard 50x50mm

W O60x60

availability: 582 pieces.

FG-60 metal finger guard 60x60mm

W O80x80

availability: 7970 pieces.

FG-80 metal finger guard 80x80mm

W O92x92

availability: 17062 pieces.

FG-92 metal finger guard 92x92mm

W O120x120

availability: 7219 pieces.

FG-120 metal finger guard 120x120mm

W O172x152

availability: 2570 pieces.

FG-172 metal finger guard 172x152mm

W OP60x60

availability: 589 pieces.

FGP-60 plastic finger guard 60x60mm

W OP80x80

There is no product in stock

FGP-80 plastic finger guard 80x80mm

W OP92x92

availability: 450 pieces.

FGP-92 plastic finger guard 92x92mm