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RGB LED floodlights

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availability: 8 pieces.

20W LED flood light, RGB, 1800lm, 120°, 230V


availability: 18 pieces.

30W LED flood light, RGB, 2250lm, 120°, 230V
Black case, IP65, 225×185×160mm, x.xxkg


There is no product in stock

50W LED flood light, RGB, 3750lm, 120°, 230V

10 to 60W LED RGB flood lights, with a remote control,

For outdoor lighting, our offer includes LED flood lights (also referred to as LED illuminators) with a full range of colours and power rates.

They enable cheap and efficient lighting of large areas, such as sports grounds, tennis courts, gardens, parking lots, but also warehouses, garages, etc.

They are typified by a wide lighting angle (120°), and are easy to install on different surfaces. Customers can choose from among three light colours: warm white, natural white and cold white, as well as black or grey casing.

Our offer includes LED RGB flood lights, with a remote control, with the following range of parameters: 10W (750lm) – 60W (3750lm).