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Company TAEHWATRANS CO. LTD, established in 1980, specializes in manufacture of quality, high specification transformers for electro-energetic industry.

Their current offer are Current Transformers of a following classes:

  • 0.1 (Super Accuracy Current Transformer series)
  • 0.2 (Supreme Accuracy Current Transformer series),
  • 0.5 (DCImmune series), with DC distortion resistant core
  • 1.0 (High Precision series), 3.0 (Precision series),
  • Current Transformers for commercial use (tol. 10%).

The highest performance TEAHWATRAJNS CO. LTD products find their use in precise measurement devices (i.e power or current meters), sensors (i.e frequency or gas level meters), supervisory devices (i.e streetlight control units), electric motors, fans, UPS, heaters, welding devices and many other.

TAEHWATRANSCO. LTD complies with many certificates and standards that confirm the quality of their products (ISO 9001, UL, TUV, RoHS)

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