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We are happy to announce that Micros has become a distributor of High-Flying company, a Far East manufacturer of Wi-Fi wireless modules.

Shanghai High-Flying Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. specializes in design, development and manufacturing of high-quality and robust embedded Wi-Fi modules. Hi-Flying also provides total Internet of Things Solutions (IoT). High-Flying’s Wi-Fi modules are ideal for industrial use, smart-metering, smart home automation, medical devices, consumer products, and educational purposes.

High Flying's modules dramatically reduce the development time of Wi-Fi based products by simplifying designing, testing, certifying, and manufacturing products. Wi-Fi modules portfolio includes the series of high performance modules (HF-A11), low power modules (HF-LPB) and low power & tiny size modules (HF-LPT). Development kits are also available to evaluate the features and capabilities of the modules.

High-Flying's modules full catalogue offer: [here]