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LED light strips

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LED strips, flexible LED strips, RGB LED strips, 24 V LED strips, RGBW

We offer a comprehensive and variegated selection of LED strips available in bulk, with a wide range of parameters:

Power: 24W-108W

Light colour: RGB, RGB+ warm white, RGB+ cold white, RGB+ natural white, warm white, natural white, cold white, red, blue, green, yellow

Supply voltage: 12V and 24V
IP rating: IP20, IP65, IP68
PCB colour: white, black, yellow
LED diodes: 2835, 3528, 5050, 5630
Width: 6mm-12.8mm
Number of LED diodes: 150-600 /m

Particularly, we want to focus on flexible strips, which are the latest highlight of our offer. These strips are bendable at 15°, 45°, or 90°, depending on particular needs.

They are an excellent choice for advertising purposes, as well as in the furniture industry.

We have extended our offer to include 20m strips on a roll, perfect for manufacturing applications, as well as 5 to 10m strips, depending on particular needs.

We have also introduced RGB LED strips with an additional chip — a driver in the form of an integrated circuit, which significantly enhances the capabilities of regulating different illumination modes, e.g. for separate segments of LED strips.

Other recommended products are 24V led strips and RGBW colour strips (including a particularly noteworthy strip featuring 4-chip diodes).

24V LED strips

These strips are characterized by low power consumption and high luminous efficacy. Thanks to very bright LED chips, they will easily illuminate virtually any space. The 24V supply makes these strips very unlikely to overheat if powered by the standard 12V voltage. Additionally, this solution enables their integration with intelligent building systems.