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Kingfont is one of the leading Taiwan manufacturers of connectors present in the market since 1983. The company offers mainly components for portable electronics such as PDA, mobile phones, digital cameras, PCs and wireless communication systems. Kingfont cooperates closely with customers and offers quality components at competitive prices. The core business of the company are the memory card connectors.

Kingfont offers a full range of SD and mini SD cards, Multi Memory Card, Compact Flash, M2, PCIMCIA and SIM. The components are available in standard and low-profile version for assembly on PCBs. Connector bodies have special locking pins for fixing in a PCB, for stability and to prevent from transferring the pressure on soldered connections. Gold plated contacts ensure durable connection and connector life of at least 5000 cycles. Most of the memory card connectors are available with ejectors (push-push) or with flaps (opening).

Kingfont connectors are available for THT and SMD installation in a taped form, in black and white colours, for better matching with the device enclosure. In addition to own designs, Kingont offers also a series of equivalents of popular components from other leading connector manufacturers, for a more versatile offer. Plastics use for production of connectors allow their use in temperatures from –20º do +60 ... 85°C depending on specific version. The components are certified for non-flammability and RoHs.