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Step-Down switching regulator LM2575S-5.0 from Texas Instruments

We recommend step-down switching regulator LM2575S - high quantities and good price!

We recommend step-down switching regulator LM2575S-5.0 from Texas Instruments - high quantities and good price!   LM2575S-5.0 Type of integrated circuit DC/DC converter Output current 1A Input voltage 4÷40V Output voltage 5V Frequency 52kHz

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SMD power inductors

Micros’s offer has been enriched by SMD power inductors ...

Micros’s offer has been enriched by SMD power inductors. They are characterized by a wide range of impedance and different dimensions. Symbol of Micros Inductance Operating current Resistance Dimensions   D HPI0420-001.0 1uH 5A 0.023R 4.45x4.06x2mm D HPI0420-002.2 2.2uH 3A 0.052R 4.45x4.06x2mm D HPI0420-004.7 4.7uH 3A 0.120R 4.45x4.06x2mm D HPI0530-001.0 1uH 8.5A 0.013R 5.8x5x3mm D HPI0530-003.3 3.3uH 5.5A 0.032R 5.8x5x3mm D HPI0530-004.7 4.7uH 4.5A 0.050R 5.8x5x3mm D HPI0530-010.0 10uH 3.2A 0.110R 5.8x5x3mm D HPI0530-022.0 22uH 1.9A 0.260R 5.8x5x3mm D HPI0630-003.3 3.3uH 6A 0.028R 7.3x6.6x3mm D HPI0630-004.7 4.7uH 5.5A 0.038R 7.3x6.6x3mm D HPI0630-006.8 6.8uH 4.5A 0.051R 7.3x6.6x3mm D HPI0630-010.0 10uH 3A 0.099R 7.3x6.6x3mm D HPI0630-015.0 15uH 2.8A 0.126R 7.3x6.6x3mm D HPI0630-022.0 22uH 2.5A 0.137R 7.3x6.6x3mm             D DLG0403-002.2 2.2uH 2.6A 0.03R 4.5x4x3.3mm D DLG0403-004.7 4.7uH 1.8A 0.05R 4.5x4x3.3mm D DLG0403-010.0 10uH 1.9A 0.13R 4.5x4x3.3mm D DLG0403-015.0 15uH 1.5A 0.17R 4.5x4x3.3mm D DLG0403-022.0 22uH 1.3A 0.27R 4.5x4x3.3mm D DLG0403-033.0 33uH 1.04A 0.41R 4.5x4x3.3mm D DLG0403-039.0 39uH 0.9A 0.45R 4.5x4x3.3mm D DLG0403-047.0 47uH 0.84A 0.50R 4.5x4x3.3mm D DLG0403-068.0 68uH 0.72A 0.75R 4.5x4x3.3mm D DLG0403-100.0 100uH 0.52A 1.65R 4.5x4x3.3mm D DLG0403-220.0 220uH 0.4A 2.5R 4.5x4x3.3mm D DLG0403-470.0 470uH 0.3A 5.5R 4.5x4x3.3mm D DLG0504-002.2 2.2uH 3.53A 0.015R 5.2x5.8x4.5mm D DLG0504-004.7 4.7uH 2.61A 0.028R 5.2x5.8x4.5mm D DLG0504-006.8 6.8uH 2.05A 0.046R 5.2x5.8x4.5mm D DLG0504-010.0 10uH 1.7A 0.066R 5.2x5.8x4.5mm D DLG0504-015.0 15uH 1.33A 0.11R 5.2x5.8x4.5mm D DLG0504-022.0 22uH 1.17A 0.14R 5.2x5.8x4.5mm D DLG0504-033.0 33uH 1.07A 0.17R 5.2x5.8x4.5mm D DLG0504-047.0 47uH 0.89A 0.24R 5.2x5.8x4.5mm D DLG0504-068.0 68uH 0.73A 0.36R 5.2x5.8x4.5mm D DLG0504-082.0 82uH 0.68A 0.41R 5.2x5.8x4.5mm D DLG0504-100.0 100uH 0.64A 0.47R 5.2x5.8x4.5mm D DLG0504-220.0 220uH 0.42A 1.08R 5.2x5.8x4.5mm D DLG0504-330.0 330uH 0.34A 1.65R 5.2x5.8x4.5mm D DLG0504-470.0 470uH 0.28A 2.48R 5.2x5.8x4.5mm D DLG0703-001.0 1uH 6A 0.010R 7x7.8x3.5mm D DLG0703-002.2 2.2uH 4.16A 0.015R 7x7.8x3.5mm D DLG0703-004.7 4.7uH 2.84A 0.026R 7x7.8x3.5mm D DLG0703-010.0 10uH 1.75A 0.055R 7x7.8x3.5mm D DLG0703-022.0 22uH 1.2A 0.10R 7x7.8x3.5mm D DLG0703-047.0 47uH 0.83A 0.20R 7x7.8x3.5mm D DLG0703-100.0 100uH 0.56A 0.46R 7x7.8x3.5mm D DLG0703-220.0 220uH 0.37A 1.1R 7x7.8x3.5mm D DLG0703-330.0 330uH 0.31A 1.6R 7x7.8x3.5mm D DLG0703-470.0 470uH 0.25A 2.4R 7x7.8x3.5mm             D DJNR3015-000.47 0.47uH 2.5A 0.035R 3x3x1.5mm D DJNR3015-001.0 1uH 2.32A 0.048R 3x3x1.5mm D DJNR3015-001.5 1.5uH 2A 0.065R 3x3x1.5mm D DJNR3015-002.2 2.2uH 1.6A 0.078R 3x3x1.5mm D DJNR3015-003.3 3.3uH 1.32A 0.104R 3x3x1.5mm D DJNR3015-004.7 4.7uH 1.1A 0.162R 3x3x1.5mm D DJNR3015-006.8 6.8uH 0.85A 0.26R 3x3x1.5mm D DJNR3015-010.0 10uH 0.72A 0.325R 3x3x1.5mm D DJNR3015-015.0 15uH 0.66A 0.455R 3x3x1.5mm D DJNR3015-022.0 22uH 0.52A 0.598R 3x3x1.5mm D DJNR3015-033.0 33uH 0.4A 1R 3x3x1.5mm D DJNR3015-047.0 47uH 0.3A 1.3R 3x3x1.5mm D DJNR3015-100.0 100uH 0.15A 3.88R 3x3x1.5mm D DJNR4018-001.0 1uH 4.3A 0.03R 4x4x2mm D DJNR4018-002.2 2.2uH 2.4A 0.06R 4x4x2mm D DJNR4018-004.7 4.7uH 1.53A 0.117R 4x4x2mm D DJNR4018-010.0 10uH 1.17A 0.26R 4x4x2mm D DJNR4018-015.0 15uH 0.85A 0.348R 4x4x2mm D DJNR4018-022.0 22uH 0.72A 0.507R 4x4x2mm D DJNR4018-047.0 47uH 0.51A 0.983R 4x4x2mm D DJNR4018-100.0 100uH 0.07A 2.85R 4x4x2mm D DJNR8040-002.2 2.2uH 7.5A 0.015R 8x8x4.2mm D DJNR8040-004.7 4.7uH 5.9A 0.026R 8x8x4.2mm D DJNR8040-006.8 6.8uH 4.5A 0.036R 8x8x4.2mm D DJNR8040-010.0 10uH 3.6A 0.048R 8x8x4.2mm D DJNR8040-015.0 15uH 2.9A 0.073R 8x8x4.2mm D DJNR8040-022.0 22uH 2.4A 0.096R 8x8x4.2mm D DJNR8040-033.0 33uH 2A 0.13R 8x8x4.2mm D DJNR8040-047.0 47uH 1.7A 0.21R 8x8x4.2mm D DJNR8040-068.0 68uH 1.4A 0.255R 8x8x4.2mm D DJNR8040-100.0 100uH 1.12A 0.384R 8x8x4.2mm D DJNR8040-220.0 220uH 0.9A 0.585R 8x8x4.2mm D DJNR8040-470.0 470uH 0.5A 1.3R 8x8x4.2mm             D DER0705-001   1uH 3A 0.015R 7.2x7.2x4.8mm D DER0705-002.2 2.2uH 2.4A 0.020R 7.2x7.2x4.8mm D DER0705-003.3 3.3uH 2.28A 0.026R 7.2x7.2x4.8mm D DER0705-010 10uH 1.7A 0.052R 7.2x7.2x4.8mm D DER0705-015 15uH 1.4A 0.070R 7.2x7.2x4.8mm D DER0705-047 47uH 0.85A 0.156R 7.2x7.2x4.8mm D DER0705-068 68uH 0.68A 0.254R 7.2x7.2x4.8mm D DER0705-100 100uH 0.53A 0.319R 7.2x7.2x4.8mm D DER0705-150 150uH 0.4A 0.501R 7.2x7.2x4.8mm D DER0705-180 180uH 0.38A 0.715R 7.2x7.2x4.8mm D DER0705-220 220uH 0.33A 0.813R 7.2x7.2x4.8mm D DER0705-330 330uH 0.27A 1.01R 7.2x7.2x4.8mm D DER0705-470 470uH 0.25A 1.56R 7.2x7.2x4.8mm             D DL4N-10   10uH 1A 0.286R 4.5x3.2x2.6mm D DL4N-22   22uH 0.86A 0.546R 4.5x3.2x2.6mm D DL4N-47   47uH 0.59A 1.25R 4.5x3.2x2.6mm D DL4N-100 100uH 0.36A 2.21R 4.5x3.2x2.6mm D DL4N-220 220uH 0.235A 3.51R 4.5x3.2x2.6mm

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LED display driver MBI5168GD from Macroblock

The MBI5168 provides a simple and cost effective solution for LED display applications ...

The MBI5168 provides a simple and cost effective solution for LED display applications. The MBI5168 includes a 8-bit shift register and data latches, which convert serial input data into parallel output format. In the output stage, eight regulated current sources provide constant current to drive the LEDs. Users can adjust the output current from 5mA to 120mA through an external resistor, Rext. The output current variation is less than ±3% between any two outputs of a single device and less than ±6% between two different devices. The MBI5168 operates from a 3V to 5.5V supply and it is designed for up to 17V at the output port. The outputs are controlled via a serial interface with a maximum clock frequency of 25MHz. The MBI5168 contains a serial data output pin, which may be used for driving the input of the next device allowing multiple devices to be cascaded. Additional features, such as programmable current gain and/or error detection are available in the MBI5169, MBI5170 and MBI5171 ICs. Features: output current per channel: 5÷120mA supply current: 5.8mA  (Rext = 744Ohm, all outputs on) supply voltage: 3.0÷5.5V clock frequency: 25MHz output current response time: 200ns @ Iout < 60mA temperature range: -40÷85°C package: SOP16 0.15"

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ARM Microcontroller from STM - STM32L051K8T6

We recommend ARM Microcontroller with ultra low power from STM ...

We recommend ARM Microcontroller with ultra low power from STM - STM32L051K8T6   STM32L051K8T6 Architecture: ARM Cortex-M0+ No. of bits: 32 bity CPU speed: 32MHz Program memory size: 64KB RAM memory size: 8KB No. of pins:  32piny/-ów No. of I/O's: 27I/O Embedded interface type: I2C, SPI, USART Supply voltage min./max: 1.8V-3.6V

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Magnets from ELESA+GANTER

We recommend a new group of products from ELESA+GANTER ...

We recommend a new group of products from ELESA+GANTER: permanent magents:  Symbol Magnetic material Height Diameter Force Manufacturer part no. M GN 50.1-HF-10    hard ferrite 4,5mm 10mm 4N GN 50.1-HF-10    M GN 50.1-ND-10    neodymium 4,5mm 10mm 25N GN 50.1-ND-10    M GN 50.1-ND-6     neodymium 4,5mm 6mm 5N GN 50.1-ND-6     M GN 50.3-HF-20-M3 hard ferrite 6mm 20mm 30N GN 50.3-HF-20-M3 M GN 50.3-ND-10-M4 neodymium 4,5mm 10mm 25N GN 50.3-ND-10-M4 M GN 50.3-ND-13-M5 neodymium 4,5mm 13mm 60N GN 50.3-ND-13-M5 M GN 50.3-ND-25-M6 neodymium 7mm 25mm 200N GN 50.3-ND-25-M6 M GN 50.3-ND-32-M6 neodymium 7mm 32mm 350N GN 50.3-ND-32-M6 M GN 50.4-HF-16    hard ferrite 4,5mm 16mm 14N GN 50.4-HF-16    M GN 50.4-HF-25    hard ferrite 7mm 25mm 36N GN 50.4-HF-25    M GN 50.4-HF-40    hard ferrite 8mm 40mm 90N GN 50.4-HF-40    M GN 50.4-HF-40-M4 hard ferrite 8mm 40mm 90N GN 50.4-HF-40-M4 M GN 50.4-ND-32    neodymium 7mm 32mm 310N GN 50.4-ND-32      Common parameters: Type of magnet: permanent Enclosure material: steel

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New enclosures from Kradex

We present new enclosures from Kradex, which we offer ...

We present new enclosures from Kradex, which we offer:    Dimensions: Enclosure type Colour OB Z110J ABS V0  65.3x90.0x105.0mm modular for DIN rail light gray OB Z111J ABS 55.0x80.0x82.0mm hermetically sealed  light grey OB Z111JH ABS 55.0x80.0x82.0mm hermetically sealed (with gasket) light grey OB Z112 ABS 60.0x136.0x185.5mm with side panels black OB Z116J PS 36.2x48.9x51.0mm hermetically sealed  light grey OB Z117J PS 36.2x48.9x51.0mm hermetically sealed light grey OB Z120J ABS 75.1x65.0x129.2mm  for power supplies light grey OB Z121J ABS 24.0x51.0x149.0mm for remote control light grey OB Z122 ABS 24.5x69.2x108.1mm for remote control black OB Z123WJ ABS 30.2x75.8x75.8mm two-part (ventilated) light grey OB Z123Wb ABS 30.2x75.8x75.8mm two-part (ventilated) white OB Z124H ABS 38.5x144.6x184.7mm special with display (with gasket) black OB Z13AJ PS 40.0x48.0x72.0mm for power supplies light grey OB Z19J PS 25.0x94.0x128.0mm with side panels light grey OB Z28 PS 32.0x119.0x143.0mm  special with display black OB Z2AW PS 90.0x147.0x178.0mm with side panels (ventilated) black OB Z31 PS 44.0x70.0x120.0mm for power supplies black OB Z68J ABS 28.0x49.0x66.0mm two-part  light grey OB Z9U PS 25.5x33.8x62.3mm with lid (full with lug) black

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