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LED miniature white diodes

We offer LED miniature white diodes from CREE ...

We offer LED miniature white diodes from CREE with record luminous flux (=284 lm/mm2) . Part no. Colour of light Luminosity CRI OL.XD16AWT-H0-0000-000000JDV cold white (6000K) 148lm   OL.XD16AWT-H0-0000-00000BHE3 cold white (5000K) 139lm 70 OL.XD16AWT-H0-0000-00000BK2E cold white (5700K) 156lm 70 OL.XD16AWT-H0-0000-00000BKE3 cold white (5000K) 156lm 70 OL.XD16AWT-H0-0000-00000HG7G white warm  (3000K) 130lm 80 OL.XD16AWT-H0-0000-00000HH4E natural white (4500K) 139lm 80 OL.XD16AWT-H0-0000-00000HH5E natural white   (4000K) 139lm 80 OL.XD16AWT-H0-0000-00000HH6E warm white   (3500K) 139lm 80 OL.XD16AWT-H0-0000-00000HHE3  cold white (5000K) 139lm 80 OL.XD16AWT-H0-0000-00000HJE2 cold white (5700K) 148lm 80 Common parameters: Viewing angle: 135° IF: 350mA VF: 2.73V

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New SMD fuses in our offer

We recommend new SMD fuses, which we offer ...

I am pleased to inform you that our offer was extended by new SMD fuses of different sizes, specification and rated voltage. Part no. of Micros Case Type of fuse Current rating Rated voltage B3SsA01.00 0603 glass, quick blow 1.00A 63VDC B3SsA02.00 0603 glass, quick blow 2.00A 63VDC B3SsA03.00 0603 glass, quick blow 3.00A 63VDC B3SsA04.00 0603 glass, quick blow 4.00A 63VDC B6Ss500 1206 glass, quick blow 500mA 72VDC B6SsA01.00 1206 glass, quick blow 1.00A 72VDC B6SsA01.50 1206 glass, quick blow 1.50A 72VDC B6SsA02.00 1206 glass, quick blow 2.00A 72VDC B6SsA03.50 1206 glass, quick blow 3.50A 72VDC B6SsA04.00 1206 glass, quick blow 4.00A 72VDC B6SsA05.00 1206 glass, quick blow 5.00A 72VDC B6SsA07.00 1206 glass, quick blow 7.00A 72VDC B6SzA03.00 1206 glass, time-lag 3.00A 72VDC B6SzA03.50 1206 glass, time-lag 3.50A 72VDC B6SzA04.00 1206 glass, time-lag 4.00A 72VDC B6SzA05.00 1206 glass, time-lag 5.00A 72VDC B10Cs375 2410 ceramic, quick blow 375mA 250VAC B10CsA01.00 2410 ceramic, quick blow 1.00A 250VAC B10CsA02.00 2410 ceramic, quick blow 2.00A 250VAC B10CsA03.50 2410 ceramic, quick blow 3.50A 250VAC B10CsA06.30 2410 ceramic, quick blow 6.30A 250VAC B10Cz250 2410 ceramic, time-lag 250mA 250VAC B10Cz630 2410 ceramic, time-lag 630mA 250VAC B10Cz800 2410 ceramic, time-lag 800mA 250VAC B10CzA01.00 2410 ceramic, time-lag 1.00A 250VAC B10CzA02.50 2410 ceramic, time-lag 2.50A 250VAC B10CzA03.15 2410 ceramic, time-lag 3.15A 250VAC B10CzA03.50 2410 ceramic, time-lag 3.50A 250VAC B10CzA04.00 2410 ceramic, time-lag 4.00A 250VAC B10CzA06.30 2410 ceramic, time-lag 6.30A 250VAC

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Terminal blocks pluggable with pitch 2.5mm from Golten

These terminal blocks are used to connect the signal for ...

We recommend terminal blocks pluggable with pitch 2.5mm from Golten. These terminal blocks are used to connect the signal for electronics systems. (power supply, actuator, sensors).  2-piece construction allows the disconnection of a whole connector without dismantling of cables. The following product has a spring clamp, which doesn’t require the use of  instruments to the mounting the cable.   Part No. Type No of. poles U [V] VDE I [A] VDE Technical data   Z TLPHC000r socket, pitch 2,5 mm 2;3;4;5;6;8;10 150 4 PDF Z TLPSZ000v plug, pitch 2,5 ​mm PDF

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AT25SF321-SHD-B - memory from Adesto

We recommend AT25SF321-SHD-B - memory from Adesto, with 32 Mbit of memory capacity …

We recommend AT25SF321-SHD-B - memory from Adesto, with 32 Mbit of memory capacity …   AT25SF321-SHD-B Kind of memory: Serial Flash Memory capacity: 2.5...3.6V Clock frequency: 104MHz Memory capacity: 32Mbit Case: SO8-W

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S8010L – thyristor from LITTELFUSE

We recommend thyristor (S8010L) from LITTELFUSE, which we offer ..

We recommend thyristor (S8010L) from LITTELFUSE which we offer:   S8010L Gate current: 15 mA Load current: 6.4 A Max load current: 10 A Max. off-state voltage 800V Mounting: THT

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MOC3043xsm – ptocoupler from ISCOM Components

We recommend MOC3043xsm - optocoupler with triac output from ISCOM Components...

We recommend MOC3043xsm - optocoupler with triac output from ISCOM Components     MOC3043xsm Optocoupler case style: surface mount DIP No. of pins: 6 Isolation voltage: 5.3kV Triac operating mode: zero crossing Peak Repetitive Off-State Voltage: 400V

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