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Battery charging controllers from Texas Instruments

Micros has expanded its offer with two Iintegrated Cricuits, designed ...

Micros has expanded its offer with two Iintegrated Cricuits, designed to work together in battery controll process. These devices provide a comprehensive set of Battery Management System (BMS) subsystems. Together, they bring modularity into analog systems and accelerate product development. The Texas Instruments bq78350 is a Battery Management Controller. It provides an accurate fuel gauge and state-of-health (SoH) monitor, as well as cell balancing and a full range of voltage-, current-, and temperature-based protection features. Additionally bq78350 offers optional LED or LCD display configurations for the capacity reporting. The bq76930 part of family of Analog Front End (AFE), set of analog signal conditioning circuitry that uses sensitive analog sensor, analog amplifiers, and other intergrated circuits. It supports 6 up to 10- series Li-Ion and LiFePO4 cells. Ahost controller can use the bq76930 to implement many battery pack management functions, such as monitoring (cell voltages, pack current, pack temperatures), protection (controlling charge/discharge FETs), and balancing. Integrated A/D converters enable a purely digital readout of critical system parameters, with calibration handled in TI’s manufacturing process. Manufacurers Symbol Supply voltage (battery) Number batteries Adress Low-dropout voltage CRC Package BQ7693001DBT 36V 6 – 10 0x08 2.5V yes TSSOP30   Manufacurers Symbol Supply voltage Oscilator frequency Bus type Package BQ78350DBT 2.5V 4.194 Mhz SMBus TSSOP30

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Multiturn cermet trimmers from Vishay

We recommend multiturn cermet trimmers from Vishay. which we offer ...

We recommend multiturn cermet trimmers from Vishay, which we offer: Symbol of Micros Resistance Symbol of manufacturer PO T93YB102KT20 1kR T93YB102KT20 PO T93YB103KT20 10kR T93YB103KT20 PO T93YB104KT20 100kR T93YB104KT20 PO T93YB222KT20 2,2kR T93YB222KT20 PO T93YB254KT20 250kR T93YB254KT20 PO T93YB473KT20 47kR T93YB473KT20 PO T93YB504KT20 500kR T93YB504KT20   Common parameters: Power: 500mW Tolerance: 10% Voltage: 250V Dimensions: 9.8x9.8x5mm Raster: 2,5mm

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It is an electrical switch operated by an applied magnetic field...

Micros offer was extended with reed switches. It is an electrical switch operated by an applied magnetic field. It consists of a pair of contacts on ferromagnetic metal reeds in a hermetically sealed glass envelope. The contacts may be normally open, closing when a magnetic field is present, or normally closed and opening when a magnetic field is applied. Symbol of Micros Maximum voltage Maximum power Load current Current CZ KM3/36 200VDC  15W  0.5A 1A CZ KM3/14 60VDC/VAC 4W 0.25A 0.5A CZ KM2/24 200VDC  15W  0.5A 1A CZ KM2/20 180VDC 10W 0.5A 1A CZ KM2/15 100VDC 10W 0.5A 1A CZ KM2/14 100VDC 10W 0.5A 1A CZ KM2/10 100VDC 10W 0.5A 1A

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1215KB Embedded Display SRAM LCD Display Controller from SOLOMON SYSTECH

It also equips parallel MCU interfaces in different ...

The SSD1963 is a display controller of 1215K byte frame buffer to support up to 864 x 480 x 24bit graphics content. It also equips parallel MCU interfaces in different bus width to receive graphics data and command from MCU. Its display interface supports common RAM-less LCD driver of color depth up to 24 bit-perpixel. Microcontroller interfaces are aviable in 8/9/16/18/24-bit versions. LCD Controller feedbacks microcontroller with Tearing effect signal. This signal reveals the display status of LCD controller. In the non-display period, the TE signal will go high. Therefore, this signal enables the MCU to send data by observing the non-display period to avoid tearing. The SSD1963 features 4 GPIO (general purspose Input Output) pins, built-in clock generator and Deep sleep mode for power saving. Controller has separate power supplies for its internal circuits: Internal circuit power supply:  1.2V±0.1V, Zasilanie wejśc/wyjśc: 1.65V-3.6V, LCD Interface power supply: 1.65V-3.6V             Display features: Built-in 1215K bytes frame buffer. Support up to 864 x 480 at 24bpp display; Support TFT 18/24-bit generic RGB interface panel; Support 8-bit serial RGB interface; Hardware rotation of 0, 90, 180, 270 degree; Hardware display mirroring; Programmable brightness, contrast and saturation control; Dynamic Backlight Control (DBC) via PWM signal. Manufacturers Symbol Maximum supported resolution Color Depth SRAM buffor capacity Internal circuit power supply Power supply for digital I/O pads LCD Interface power supply Package SSD1963QL9 864 x 480 24bit 1215kB 1.2V±0.1V 1.65V-3.6V 1.65V-3.6V LQFP128

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Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) Filters from Miflex

Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) Filters are used to filter specific subset of ...

Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) Filters are used to filter specific subset of Electromagnetic spectrum, which is radio frequency. The disturbance may interrupt, obstruct, degrade or limit the effective performance of the circuit. It manifests mostly as flickering computer monitors, reliability issues with computer networks, instrumentation errors, or misbehaving electronics. The source of RFI may be any object, artificial or natural, that carries rapidly changing electrical currents, such as an electrical circuit or the Sun. Protection from conducted RFI, high frequencies added to AC waveform, are filters. By utlizing electrical circuits consisting of appropriately selected capacitive and inductive elements, higher frequencies are blocked. RFI filters from MILFEX are ideal solution for protecting your installation. Various connector options are aviable and various filter parameters. Manufacturers Symbol Rated capacitance Rated inductance Rated current Rated voltage Connections Cx Cy X17-1 470nF 27nF 1mH 16A 250VAC connectors 6.3x0.8mm X25 270nF 27nF - 16A 250VAC connectors 6.3x0.8mm X25-100N 100nF 27nF - 16A 250VAC connectors 6.3x0.8mm X26 470nF 25nF - 10A 250VAC connectors 6.3x0.8mm śruba M8 X31-2 330nF 4.7nF - 16A 250VAC connectors 6.3x0.8mm X37-02 100nF 3.3nF - 15A 250VAC connectors 6.3x0.8mm FP-250/5 270nF 4.7nF - 5A 250VAC connectors M8 nut

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TFT and OLED display modules

Micros has expanded their offer with TFT and OLED display modules. These small ...

Micros has expanded their offer with TFT and OLED display modules. These small displays, as small as 1" up to 7" are perfect solution for your integrated display functions.  The TFT stands for Thin Film Transistor, which is used in color TFT-LCD displays. Each pixel controls 4 transistors, responsible for brightness, and base colors. They feature high resolution paired with fast access times and superior color sharpness compared to standard LCD displays. OLED panels are made from organic materials that emit light when electricity is applied through them. Each diode is responsible for a single pixel of display, where color is set by special filters. OLED panels feature high efficiency, brilliant colors, infinite contrast, fast response rate and are simpler to make. They are much thinner compared to regular LEDs, and can even be made flexible and rollable. Below you will find list of available products: Micros Symbol Display type Color Resolution LCD size Dimensions Active area Contrast ratio Supply Voltage Operating temperature Logic Vdd Driver Panel  Vcc O TFT240320-2.8-2 LCD TFT 262k 240x320 2.8" 69.20x50x2.7mm 43.20x57.60mm 500:1 2.8V - -20 - +70°C O TFT320240-3.5-2 LCD TFT 265k 320x240 3.5" 64x76.90x3.5mm 70.08x52.56mm 500:1 3.3V - -20 - +70°C O TFT480272-4.3 LCD TFT 16.7M 480x272 4.3" 105.5x67.2x2.95mm 95.04x53.86mm 500:1 3.3V - -20 - +70°C O TFT800480-5 LCD TFT - 800x480 5" 120.7x75.8x2.8mm 108x64.8mm 700:1 3.3V - -20 - +70°C O TFT800480-7 LCD TFT - 800x480 7" 164.9x100x5.7mm 154.08x85.92mm 500:1 3.3V - -20 - +70°C OLED12832-B OLED niebieski 128x32 2.23" 62x60x2.027mm 55.02x13.1mm 2000:1 1.65-3.3V 12.5V -40 - 70 °C OLED12832-W OLED biały 128x32 0.87" 39x8.7x1.22mm 21.356x5.324mm 2000:1 1.65-3.3V 9V -40 - 70 °C OLED12832-W OLED biały 128x32 0.91" 30.0x11.5x1.2mm 22.384x5.584 mm 2000:1 1.65-3.3V 8V -40 - 70 °C OLED12864-W OLED Biały 128x64 0.96" 24.74x16.9x1.42mm 21.74x10.86mm 2000:1 1.65-3.3V 9V -40 - 85 °C OLED12896-RGB   OLED 265k & 65k  128x96 1.29" 33.39x39.8x1.21mm 26.279x19.708mm 2000:1 1.65-3.3V 15V -40 - 70 °C OLED9616-W OLED biały 96x16 0.69" 26.3x8.0x1.2mm 17.26x3.18mm 2000:1 1.65-3.3V 7.25V -40 - 85 °C OLED9696-RGB OLED 65k  96x96 1.1" 33.8x43.7x1.41mm 26.86x26.86mm 2000:1 1.65-3.5V 15V -40 - 70 °C   OLED9696-W OLED biały 96x96 1.1" 27x42.11x1.61mm 20.14x20.14mm 2000:1 1.65-2.6V 13.5V -40 - 70 °C

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