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New transformers from Breve

We recommend new toroid transformers from Breve ...

We recommend new toroid transformers from Breve: Part no. Power Primary voltage Secondary voltage Secondary winding current Weight TTS100/Z230/21V 100VA 230V AC 21V 4.76A 1.1kg TTS100/Z230/24V 100VA 230V AC 24V 4.16A 1.1kg TTS150/Z230/30V 150VA 230V AC 30V 5A 1.7kg TTS200/Z230/32V 200VA 230V AC 32V 6.25A 2.1kg TTS35/Z230/24V 35VA 230V AC 24V 1.45A 0.5kg TTS60/Z230/12V 60VA 230V AC 12V 5A 0.73kg TTS60/Z230/24V 60VA 230V AC 24V 2.5A 0.73kg

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SMD power inductors

Micros’s offer has been enriched by SMD power inductors. They are characterized by ...

Micros’s offer has been enriched by SMD power inductors. They are characterized by a wide range of impedance and different dimensions. Symbol of Micros Impedance Current Resistance Dimensions D DLG0403-002.2 2.2uH 2.6A 0.03R 4,5x4x3,3mm D DLG0403-004.7 4.7uH 1.8A 0.05R 4,5x4x3,3mm D DLG0403-010.0 10uH 1.9A 0.13R 4,5x4x3,3mm D DLG0403-015.0 15uH 1.5A 0.17R 4,5x4x3,3mm D DLG0403-033.0 33uH 1.04A 0.41R 4,5x4x3,3mm D DLG0403-068.0 68uH 0.72A 0.75R 4,5x4x3,3mm D DLG0403-100.0 100uH 0.52A 1.65R 4,5x4x3,3mm           D DLG0504-004.7 4.7uH 2.61A 0.028R 5.2x5.8x4.5mm D DLG0504-010.0 10uH 1.7A 0.066R 5.2x5.8x4.5mm D DLG0504-022.0 22uH 1.17A 0.14R 5.2x5.8x4.5mm D DLG0504-047.0 47uH 0.89A 0.24R 5.2x5.8x4.5mm D DLG0504-220.0 220uH 0.42A 1.08R 5.2x5.8x4.5mm           D DLG0703-220.0 220uH 0.37A 1.1R 7x7.8x3.5mm D DLG0703-330.0 330uH 0.31A 1.6R 7x7.8x3.5mm D DLG0703-470.0 470uH 0.25A 2.4R 7x7.8x3.5mm           D DJNR3015-001.0 1uH 2.32A 0.048R 3x3x1,5mm D DJNR3015-003.3 3.3uH 1.32A 0.104R 3x3x1,5mm D DJNR3015-004.7 4.7uH 1.1A 0.162R 3x3x1,5mm D DJNR3015-006.8 6.8uH 0.85A 0.26R 3x3x1,5mm D DJNR3015-015.0 15uH 0.66A 0.455R 3x3x1,5mm D DJNR3015-022.0 22uH 0.52A 0.598R 3x3x1,5mm D DJNR3015-047.0 47uH 0.3A 1.3R 3x3x1,5mm           D DJNR4018-004.7 4.7uH 1.53A 0.117R 4x4x2mm D DJNR4018-010.0 10uH 1.17A 0.26R 4x4x2mm D DJNR4018-033.0 33uH 0.59A 0.728R 4x4x2mm D DJNR4018-100.0 100uH 0.07A 2.85R 4x4x2mm           D DJNR8040-010.0 10uH 3.6A 0.048R 8x8x4.2mm D DJNR8040-022.0 22uH 2.4A 0.096R 8x8x4.2mm D DJNR8040-047.0 47uH 1.7A 0.21R 8x8x4.2mm           D DER0705-003.3 3.3uH 2.28A 0.026R 7.2x7.2x4.8mm D DER0705-004.7 4.7uH 2A 0.033R 7.2x7.2x4.8mm D DER0705-010 10uH 1.7A 0.052R 7.2x7.2x4.8mm D DER0705-047 47uH 0.85A 0.156R 7.2x7.2x4.8mm D DER0705-220 220uH 0.33A 0.813R 7.2x7.2x4.8mm D DER0705-470 470uH 0.25A 1.56R 7.2x7.2x4.8mm           D DL4N-10   10uH 1A 0.286R 4.5x3.2x2.6mm D DL4N-22   22uH 0.86A 0.546R 4.5x3.2x2.6mm D DL4N-47   47uH 0.59A 1.25R 4.5x3.2x2.6mm D DL4N-100 100uH 0.36A 2.21R 4.5x3.2x2.6mm D DL4N-220 220uH 0.235A 3.51R 4.5x3.2x2.6mm

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Transistor from NXP (BC856B)

We recommend transistor from NXP. Parameters:

We recommend transistor from NXP: Manufacturer's symbol: BC856B Manufacturer: NXP Transistor type: PNP Polarisation: bipolar Collector current: 100mA Collector-emitter voltage: 65V Power: 250mW Transition frequency: 100MHz Current gain : 220 Case: SOT23  TBC856b Features: - Low current (max. 100 mA), - Low voltage (max. 65 V). Applications: - General purpose switching and amplification.  

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Current sense chip resistors

Micros offers current sense chip resistors in three types of cases, power form ...

Micros offers current sense chip resistors in three types of cases, power form 0,125W to 0,5W, resistance from 0,02R to 0,75R.   Symbol of Microsa Resistance Tolerance Power Temperature  Coefficient Case R3S0000.02f 0.2W CS 0.02R 1% 0.2W 1200PPM/°C 0603 R3S0000.03f 0.2W CS 0.03R 1% 0.2W 1200PPM/°C 0603 R3S0000.047f 0.2W CS 0.047R 1% 0.2W 1200PPM/°C 0603 R3S0000.05f 0.2W CS 0.05R 1% 0.2W 800PPM/°C 0603 R3S0000.068f 0.2W CS 0.068R 1% 0.2W 400PPM/°C 0603 R3S0000.10f 0.2W CS 0.10R 1% 0.2W 400PPM/°C 0603 R3S0000.33f 0.2W CS 0.33R 1% 0.2W 300PPM/°C 0603 R3S0000.47f 0.2W CS 0.47R 1% 0.2W 300PPM/°C 0603             R5S0000.05f CS 0.05R 1% 0.125W 600PPM/°C 0805 R5S0000.06f CS 0.06R 1% 0.125W 400PPM/°C 0805 R5S0000.10f CS 0.10R 1% 0.125W 400PPM/°C 0805 R5S0000.20f CS 0.20R 1% 0.125W 200PPM/°C 0805 R5S0000.22f CS 0.22R 1% 0.125W 200PPM/°C 0805 R5S0000.30f CS 0.30R 1% 0.125W 200PPM/°C 0805 R5S0000.47f CS 0.47R 1% 0.125W 200PPM/°C 0805             R6S0000.022f 0.5W CS 0.022R 1% 0.5W 400PPM/°C 1206 R6S0000.047f 0.5W CS 0.047R 1% 0.5W 400PPM/°C 1206 R6S0000.10f 0.5W CS 0.10R 1% 0.5W 200PPM/°C 1206 R6S0000.22f 0.5W CS 0.22R 1% 0.5W 200PPM/°C 1206 R6S0000.30f 0.5W CS 0.30R 1% 0.5W 200PPM/°C 1206 R6S0000.47f 0.5W CS 0.47R 1% 0.5W 200PPM/°C 1206 R6S0000.75f 0.5W CS 0.75R 1% 0.5W 200PPM/°C 1206 Application: power management applications, switching power supply, over current protection in audio applications, voltage regulation module (VRM), DC-DC converter, battery pack, charger, adapter, automotive engine control, disk driver.

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Power sockets DC and Jack sockets (3.5mm) from Tactronic

Our connectors are used in IT equipment, mobile devices ...

We recommend high quality power sockets DC and Jack sockets (3.5mm) from Tactronic. Our connectors are used in IT equipment, mobile devices and in various types of audio players. Please check out our offer in detail:  Symbol Description Technical data sheets Z WDCg5521 Power socket DC ø5,5x2,1mm PCB Rating 30VDC, 3.5A, life test 5000 cycles PDF Z WDCg3513smd Power socket DC Ý3,5x1,3mm, SMD, 30V, 3.5A PDF Z WJG35sdka Socket Jack 3,5mm stereo, plastic, PCB, angled PDF Z WJG35ss Socket Jack 3,5mm stereo, plastic, SMD PDF

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Infineon Smart power switches

The BTS3205N is an integrated circuit, providing protective ...

The BTS3205N is an integrated circuit, providing protective functions that minimalise risk of failures in effect of over-voltages, overloads, ectrostatic discharges and overtemperature. These mechanisms are basis of naming these devices as Smart-switches.   The BTS3205N smart low-side power switch is used for switching all kinds of loads, resistive, inductive and capactivie. It contains a n-MOS transistor RDS(on)  =  700 mΩ allowing switching of 350mA currents. This smart power switch can work in temperature ranging from -40 to 150°C and is contained in SOT-223 package.  Amongst built in safety measures the overtemperature protection prevent the device form overheating due to overloads and/or bad cooling conditions. The temperature information is given by temperature sensor in the power MOSFET. During thermal shutdown the device tries  to sink an increased input current to feedback the fault condition. The BTS3205N has thermal-auto-restart function, the device will turn on again after the measured temperature has dropped down. Applications: driving relays, all types of resistive, capactivie and inductive loads, loads with peak currents, etc. Symbol of manufacturer Switching detection Drain voltage Nominal load current per channel On-state resistance per channel Number of channels Package BTS3205N low-side 42V 0.35A 700mΩ 1 SOT-223 BTS3405G low-side 42V 0.35A 700mΩ 2 SOP08 BTS3408G low-side 60V 0.55A 480mΩ 2 SOP08 BTS3410G low-side 42V 1.3A 150mΩ 2 SOP08 BTS4300SGA high-side 34V 0.4A 300mΩ 1 SOP08 BTS410E2 high-side 42V 1.6A 190mΩ 1 TO263/5 BTS4140N high-side 60V 0,2A 1Ω 1 SOT223 BTS4141N high-side 45V 0.7A 150mΩ 1 SOT223 BTS4175SGA high-side 52V 1.3A 175mΩ 1 SOP08  BTS428L2 high-side 41V 5.8A 50mΩ 1 TO252/5 BTS4880R high-side 45V 0.625A 150mΩ 8 SO-36 BTS500551-TMA high-side 34V 55A 4.4mΩ 1 TO263/7 BTS500801-TMB high-side 38V 9.5A 7mΩ 1 TO220/7 BTS5180-2EKA high-side 28V 1.5A 330mΩ 2 HSOP14  BTS5210G high-side 40V 1.8A 110mΩ 2 SOP14 BTS5210L high-side 40V 1.8A 110mΩ 2 SO-12 BTS5215L high-side 40V 3.7A 70mΩ 2 SO-12 BTS550P high-side 34V 90A 2.8mΩ 1 TO218/5 BTS6133D high-side 38V 8A 8mΩ 1 TO252/5 BTS6163D  high-side 62V 5.5A 16mΩ 1 TO252/5 BTS723GW high-side 58V 2.5A 90mΩ 2 SOP14

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