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M RC-800

availability: 1 pieces.

Universal analogue signal booster
0÷15V ; 0÷25mA - active and passive output; 10uA , 10mV

M AR517/S1/WA

There is no product in stock

Universal meter 0.4÷20mA, 0÷10V, 0÷60mV, 0÷2.5kŕ


availability: 1 pieces.

SCL12E3/A Esseci
Digital, input Pt100, dimensions: 75x33mm

M VA8100

availability: 4 pieces.

Data logger VA8100
Measurement range °C/°F, resolution °C/°F, accuracy °C/°F

M VA8030

Position available on request

Non-contact digital tachometer VA8030
Measurement range: rpm, accuracy %/rpm, resolution: rpm, MAX/MIN values

M VA8050

Position available on request

Digital luxmeter VA8050
Measurement range: Lux/ftc, resolution Luc/ftc, accuracy, MAX/MIN values

M VA8051

Position available on request

Digital luxmeter VA8051 with adjustable sensor
Measurement range: Lux/ftc, resolution Lux/ftc, accuracy, MAX/MIN values

M VA8070

Position available on request

Absolute pressure meter VA8070
Measurement range hPa/inH2O, accuracy hPa/inH2O, resolution hPa/inH20

M VA8080

Position available on request

Sound level meter VA8080
Measurement range: dB, frequency range: Hz, resolution, accuracy

M VA8020

Position available on request

Temperature/vane anemometer VA8020
Measurement range:m/s,km/h,fpm,mph,kts,Beaufort,°C,°F