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M WG-44025

availability: 2 pieces.

Resistance thermometer with connecting cable
1,5 meters, Teflon insulation cable (work to 200°C), Index: WG-44025)


availability: 4 pieces.

CP82C Arthermo
Analog thermometer with capillary 50÷350°C

M QP99

availability: 1 pieces.

QP99 Arthermo
Analog thermometr with capillary 0÷120°C


availability: 2 pieces.

RO Arthermo
Analog thermometer with capillay 0÷120°C

M VA6510

availability: 3 pieces.

Mini-infrared thermometer VA6510 with single got laser targeting
Measurement range °C/ °F, data hold, auto power off, resolution °C/°F

M MS6500

Position available on request

Thermometer MS6500
Measurement range C°, resolution °C/°F, data hold, input "K" type thermocouple

M MS6501

availability: 3 pieces.

Thermometer MS6501
Measurement range °C, resolution °C/°F, data hold, input "K" type thermocouple

M VA6502

Position available on request

Probe Temperature Meter VA6502
Measurement range °C/°F, resolution °C, auto power off after 8 minutes

M VA8010

Position available on request

Digital temperature and humidity meter
Measure range °C/°F, resolution °C/°F, accuracy °C/°F/RH, data hold

M VA6520

Position available on request

Infrared thermometer with dot laser targeting VA6520
Measure range °C/°F, accuracy °C, resolution °C, emissivity