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SMD3014 injection LED modules

Number of diodes
3 [3]
0.3 W [3]
Light color
biała ciepła [1]
biała czysta [1]
biała zimna [1]
Beam angle
120° [3]
Supply voltage
12 VDC [3]
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availability: 150 pieces.

LED injection module, 0.3W, pure white (6500K), 27÷30lm, 120°, 12VDC
3x SMD3014, IP65, 18×18×3mm


There is no product in stock

LED injection module, 0.3W, warm white (3000K), 27÷30lm, 120°, 12VDC
3x SMD3014, IP65, 18×18×3mm


availability: 176 pieces.

LED injection module, 0.3W, cold white (10000÷12000K), 27÷30lm, 120°, 12VDC
3x SMD3014, IP65, 18×18×3mm

Injection LED modules with SMD3014 diodes

Some LED modules we offer are formed in the process of injection moulding and delivered in a hermetic IP65-class case, which means they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Creating a module through a single injection eliminates the problem of uneven sealing. Accordingly, modules are characterized by high humidity, chemical and shock resistance.

Our LED modules offer also includes the IP65-class modules. 

We offer LED modules with SMD3014 diodes, with the power rate from 0.3W, with the following light colours: cold white and clear white, luminous flux of 27÷30lm and the lighting angle of 120°. The modules with SMD3014 diodes are among the smallest available, and are perfect for illuminating very small letters/elements.