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Cable connectors p. 7.5-5.0mm

Number of pins (poles)
1 [2]
2 [2]
3 [2]
4 [2]
5 [2]
6 [2]
12 [1]
Connector type
listwa [7]
osłona [6]
pin [1]
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Z KHg01

Product on the way

Z KHg01
Housing KH 1 pin
eqiv. ACH-1

Z KHg02

availability: 1344 pieces.

Z KHg02
Housing KH 2 piny
eqiv. ACH-2

Z KHg03

availability: 5980 pieces.

Z KHg03
Housing KH 3 piny
eqiv. ACH-3

Z KHg04

availability: 2476 pieces.

Z KHg04
Housing KH 4 piny
eqiv. ACH-4

Z KHg05

availability: 1378 pieces.

Z KHg05
Housing KH 5 pinów
eqiv. ACH-5

Z KHg06

availability: 1480 pieces.

Z KHg06
Housing KH 6 pinów
eqiv. ACH-6

Z KHw01

availability: 14 pieces.

Z KHw01
Male pin header KH 1 pin
eqiv. AC-1

Z KHw02

availability: 1360 pieces.

Z KHw02
Male pin header KH 2 pin
eqiv. AC-2

Z KHw03

There is no product in stock

Z KHw03
Male pin header KH 3 pin
eqiv. AC-3

Z KHw04

availability: 3211 pieces.

Z KHw04
Male pin header KH 4 pin
eqiv. AC-4